Freshly cut fruit salads

Fructofresh, the leading producer of fresh fruit salads. TProducts of the highest standard require professional approach and eye to the details. Our clients appreciate it...

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We peel and cut only fresh, ripe fruits of the highest quality.S We do it by hand as that is the only way to prevent losing their quality and taste We are constantly striving for perfection in making our products close to nature..

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AWARD-WINING PRODUCTION PATENT Company production patents

From 2004, we are one of few fresh food producers that can be proud of our own patent. It is all thanks to our or Fantasy® fruit salad, full of fruits in fancy fantasy shapes, that bring attentions, specially of the kids. It wasn’t surprise to us when we received Disney award for our Fantasy® salad at the SIAL trade show in Paris 2012.

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Trusted Logistics

Being close to our customers was the priority when opening our production plant just 3km away from the Polish-German border.

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Our offer includes many different fruit salads. Our experienced sales team will be happy to advice which one will be most suitable for you.

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