2004...2019 Start

2004 | Company formation

2004 | First deliveries to Germany

2006 | First deliveries to Austria, France and Belgium

2007 | First deliveries to Denmark and the Netherlands

2008 | Gazela Business Award

2010 | First deliveries to Luxembourg

2011 | Introduction of FructoFit products

2011 | Award INNOVAFEL - Fructo Fit “Fantasy”

2012 | First deliveries to Ireland and Sweden

2012 | The kids joined the company

2012 | Disney Award SIAL

2013 | The modernization of the plant and the introduction product line Natural

2014 | X Anniversary of the company

2014 | Enlargement of the company

Our vision

Highest quality

Since the very beginning, high quality and innovation has been our top priority.

That is why we focused on manual work, which in contrast, to the fruit processed by machinery ensures that the fruit retain their consistency and juiciness.
We do not negotiate in the fields of quality because we do not use frozen fruit. We select only the best quality fruit, characterized for their high freshness, for our production.

Moreover, for 10 years we have been applying the standards of BRC and IFS requirements - Higher Level in our production.


For 10 years we have been in a group of very few companies producing fresh food that can boast their own patent. All this thanks to a salad FANTASY® - full of fruit in fancy shapes, especially attractive to younger customers. No wonder it received Disney Kids Innovation Award at SIAL fair-trade in Paris in 2012.
Furthermore, many other products, difficult to be found somewhere else, are on our offer. These include finely cut salad - ideal for kindergartens and hospitals and occasional salads, for example with hearts for Valentine's Day and Christmas trees for Christmas.


Responsible business

We are constantly striving for perfection
in making our products close to nature.

Responsibility for the environment is reflected in our specific objectives:

  • purchasing fruit in the simplest packaging, without unnecessary labeling
  • technology based on hygiene instead of preservatives
  • to minimize the use of packaging for fruit transportation
  • logistic optimization to reduce fuel consumption
  • energy-efficient refrigeration systems
  • transfer of production waste to local farmers
  • buying fruit only from GlobalGAP certified farmers, which in consequence obliges them to conduct safe growing, and to restrict the use of artificial fertilizers

Local support

Being one of the largest employers in the region, we also feel responsible for its inhabitants. We actively support both, children in schools and orphanages, as well as their parents, offering them a clear career path and professional training.

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