14 days shelf life Preservatives free

Confronted with the increasing awareness of the consumers on the dangers of preservatives, we modernized our facility and introduced technologies and procedures to reduce the growth of harmful microorganisms. As a result, since 2013 we have guaranteed 14-day shelf life without any addition of preservatives. We do not use any hidden preservatives. Therefore, we do not add, to our salad, products previously processed / canned as such juice.

We peel and cut only fresh, ripe fruit of the highest quality.
We do this by hand because only this way allows to keep them fresh for a long time.

Each bucket is sealed, to preserve the flavor and aroma of fruit.

Additionally, we regularly visit our manufacturers and exchange experience in order to select, from the available varieties of fruit, only those ones mostly favored by our customers at every stage of product shelf - life.


Safety has always been our priority since the company was set up . Therefore, since the beginnings of our business, we have been working according to the IFS and BRC standards.

We also conduct our businesses with exclusively certified suppliers. GlobalGAP certificate is the minimum we require from our suppliers, to be guaranteed that we receive product coming from safe sources.

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Additional safety

Apart from standard security measures applied by us, such as metal detectors and controlled trials conducts, we have introduced additional actions like sealing the buckets, for better fruit protection from external factors. All our products are delivered in a transparent packaging, which aims to help to control the quality by our customers.

Constant control

Our salads are subjected to multiple independent inspections, as our customers and thereby the laboratories testing the products, are spread out throughout the whole Europe. We also remain in constant cooperation with German and French laboratory centers.
Annually, they carry out over 1,000 tests for us, including both, the products and the environment in which they are prepared.


Strategic location

Proximity to customers has been one of our head targets since the formation of the company. Therefore, our factory is located only 3km from the Polish-German border. Berlin is only 140 km away from our factory. Thanks to this strategic location, time of delivery to all German-speaking clients vary from 8h to 24h after placing the order. We deliver our products to France within 48 hours. Every day!


We have a vehicle fleet of several refrigerated trucks on our offer.

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